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Bosman Watermanagement has already been specialist in the field of water management for 85 years. With many years of experience we give you a well-supported advice for special water projects. In order to achieve a perfect result, we also think along with our clients from the beginning. Our strength is that we can execute engineering disciplines completely in our own house.

 We provide custom-made solutions in the field of pumping stations and treatment plants, making use of our own products. We have gained a lot of experience and built up a lot of expertise in these fields and developed great problem-solving skills. That is where we can find the strength of the enterprise.

In our philosophy, four concepts are being put forward: Customer, Knowledge, Quality and Short Delivery Time. We foster our knowledge with great care, because this is the most important concept within Bosman Watermanagement. Knowledge forms the basis of our innovative abilities, which enables us to solve our customers’ problems.