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Wastewater is a valuable source of energy and raw materials, in a world where they are becoming increasingly scarce. Econvert designs and implements technology for recovering & utilizing valuable resources like energy from industrial wastewater. Founded on in-depth process knowledge, Econvert offers customized solutions.

Main technology from Econvert are:

  • Econvert-UASB® - The old school solution. Proven for decades and never fully replaced.
  • Econvert-EGSB® - The optimized compromise. Combining a small footprint with a few internals.
  • Econvert-IR® - The high performer. Designed to create the ideal process conditions.
  • Econvert ECO - The small scale solution. To give everyone the option to control their own ecological footprint.
  • Econvert-Dsulph® - The perfect blend of biology and chemistry for biological biogas desulphurisation.

We also assist you in optimizing your treatment processes, so that they really pay off.
Markets: Pulp & Paper, Food & Beverage, Flavors & Fragrances, Chemical