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For more than a century Landustrie is an international player in the field of water technology and water management. In our own premises in Sneek, The Netherlands, we design and manufacture high quality equipment for sewage and wastewater treatment. Our main products are LANDY Archimedes screw pumps, surface aerators, aeration rotors, Landox flow boosters, screen cleaners and pumps. For optimal and efficient water management we offer a complete range of pumps and complete pumping stations for both municipal and industrial application. With our extensive agent network we are able to market our products worldwide, including 24h services and after sales. In addition, we are constantly active in the areas of innovation and research & development. For example our LANDY hydropower screw turbines for generating renewable energy, specifically designed for relatively low head, high flow river courses. In situations where a combination pump storage/hydropower generation system is possible, we are able to provide a LANDY hydropower screw pump.