Bucon Industries B.V.



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Bucon Industries is a privately held company that focuses on development, marketing and sales of innovative (water storage)solutions.  Our vision is to develop in corporation with our partners, innovative and sustainable (water)solutions which provide access to better living standards and creates value for all. 

We adhere to three strategic pillars in order to achieve our goals:

  • Technological innovation (We develop innovative solutions with leading edge technology)
  • Partnership (We partner with leading players in the markets we operate) 
  • Sustainable and simple operations (Modular, Standardized, Scalable solutions, leading to local entrepreneurship and sustainable implementation)

Bucon Industries operate its solutions under the brand name PUREleau® and focus on BuconTank®, wastewater treatment and FLEXbuild® concepts.

Our target markets lies in developing- and emerging countries with a strong focus on: Local communities, Industrial wastewater, Public Sector and Tourism and the Agri- and Horticulture sector.