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SolteQ Energy bv developed a sustainable desalination system for (sub) tropical areas.  The heart of the system is a new type very efficient hydraulic windmill.
Capacities of  fresh Water 100m3/day – 800 m3/day. 
Combination with solar energy is an option.
A fully autarkic system, not necessarily connected to an electric grid and close to customer usage is an attractive option.
First tested in 2015 and since developed to a fully marketable product.
Two types of systems: a 2-blade system of around 100 kW and a 3-blade system of 250 – 300 kW, driving different capacities of reverse osmosis.
The main focus is on efficient water desalination: the windmill is retrofitted and the “problem” area of gear in the gondola is eliminated by a hydraulic pump, eliminating conversion losses of gear and generator and delivering a much higher percentage of wind energy to the reverse osmosis.
Competitive to fossils driven systems.