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Efficient treatment of high salinity brines without membranes or chemicals

Winner of several Innovation Awards in 2015 and 2017, Salttech has introduced DyVaR (Dynamic Vapour Recovery), a patented brine treatment technology that can treat any high salinity brine, irrespective of composition or concentration. Brine is treated in a 1-step continuous process, producing fresh water (typical TDS >100 m3/h. Each individual DyVaR unit having a capacity of 50 l/h and can be operated in remote areas. DyVaR uses evaporative and cyclonic technologies, not membranes, to separate out salts and other components, recovering almost all of the water and making it available for reuse. The system is resistant to scaling and fouling, tolerant to fluctuations in flow and concentration, and can handle non-saline contaminants such as organics, hydrocarbons, volatiles and suspended solids.

DyVaR is suitable for any industry producing high salinity (waste) streams. In various industries DyVaR can be used for the treatment of process brines, recovery of  water and/or salts/chemicals. But also DyVaR is very well applicable to drastically reduce the volume of a saline waste stream.