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H2O-job is an independent organization working since 2010 on career development. Develop, organize and guide personal development training and project innovation programs for the water sector of the future.

The Nationaal Watertraineeship offers recently graduated water professionals a 2-year program, to give them a rousing start of their career in the Dutch Water sector. Our trainees work in companies, research institutes and the government in different parts of the Netherlands. The coming years, the Dutch Water sector will need an increasing number of well-educated Water professionals. With the right skills, knowledge and a broad perspective.

The Junior Water Programme aims to build a community of young European water management professionals who share a deep commitment to addressing today’s and future water and climate change issues. It is designed to provide participants with the tools, the skills and the appropriate cocreation and cooperation network to find new solutions and share knowledge for the purpose of creating and maintaining a sustainable and safe water management system in Europe.

Other programs of H2O-job: Watervacatures, PROJECT24 and National Soiltraineeship

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