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Metalmembranes has developed a new way of making membranes. The Metalmembranes approach of making membranes consists of specialized electrochemical metal treatments in which the Metalmembranes team has over 20 years of experience in applying this in various fields of applications.


Metalmembranes is now producing membranes for the following applications:

  1. Lab filtration applications,
  2. Microtiter plates/Elisa plates

  Advantages of Metalmembranes:  

  • Short analysis time due to the combination of a high flux and the ability to withstand high pressures
  • Accurate detection due to the non-fluorescent transparent properties of the ceramic layer
  • Ease of handling allowing for atomization due to the rigid nature of the membrane and the excellent sealing

3. Photocatalytic membranes that are cleaned by light. Metalmembranes produces nanoporous (<10 nanometer) ceramic titanium dioxide membranes which oxidize contaminants (bacteria, viruses, and micropollutants) that are retained by the membrane.